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Antonov An-24/26/30/32 & Xian Y-7 Picture #08 - Barrie ...
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Antonov An

Antonov Airlines is the pany s subdivision that specializes in international cargo transportation Since it was founded in Antonov Airlines has be e a Advanced ideas and technologies are in great demand in our dynamic times and that is what the ANTONOV PANY offers to the world market ANTONOV s team has Antonov is een Oekra ense voorheen Sovjet Russische vliegtuigbouwer vliegtuigontwerpbureau Antonov of voluit Antonov Aeronautical Scientific Technical plex The Antonov A Krylya Tanka Russian meaning tank wings was a Soviet attempt to allow a tank to glide onto a battlefield after being Alexei Antonov artist sells paintings online Lovers of art and artists wel e to the world of art Flemish painting The Antonov An NATO reporting name Curl is a twin engined turboprop civilian and military transport aircraft designed and produced in the Soviet Union from We ve been hard at work on the new and it s better than ever The Antonov Mriya is the world s largest aircraft It was designed to transport the Russian Space Shuttle Buran Awesome Flight Simulator classic clever memos Now You Can Experience Real Flying With Pro Flight Simulator The Most Realistic Flight ACP details of ANTONOV AN such as length wingspan height cruising speed max take off weight load capacity max range max payload and cargo cabin details

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Antonov An 2

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