Apec Đà Nẵng

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Vietnam 50: Da Nang

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Apec Đà Nẵng

H ng ng n pano b gi t s p v ng ng p trong r c v m a b o tr c APEC khi n N ng ph i g p r t d ng l i N ng ph t video qu ng b h nh nh chu n b cho tu n l c p cao APEC N ng b tr c c m n h nh l n chi u video v Ng y Ban Tuy n gi o Th nh y N ng ph i h p S Th ng tin v Truy n th ng v H i Nh b o th nh ph t ch c t ng k t c ng D n tr Th ng tin t UBND TP N ng cho bi t cho n th i i m n y N ng c th t tin kh ng nh r ng s n s ng y ban ki m tra Trung ng CSVN n i B th N ng Nguy n Xu n Anh v Ch t ch TP Hu nh c Th vi ph m nghi m tr ng n m c Hi m h a t vi c mua b n v kh th s c ng c h tr Ph ng C nh s t h nh s CSHS CATP N ng ho n t t k t qu x c Trang th ng tin i n t t ng h p N ng DanangZ c p nh t tin t c N ng tr t t an to n x h i du l ch m th c v g c Chi u ng y Ph n hi u i h c N ng t i Kon Tum ph i h p v i Tr ng i h c N ng L m Hu long tr ng t ch c APEC Tr c th ng Marine e l m nhi m v h t ng m b o an ninh cho T ng th ng M Donald Trump v a bay th t i s n bay qu c H n Kh ch s n ven bi n trung t m kh ch s n sao khu resort N ng c nh gi t t nh t gi r nh t Li n h

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In more and more places throughout this region citizens of SOVEREIGN and INDEPENDENT nations have taken greater control of their destinies and unlocked the potential of their people APEC https t co aIIGeI Today I am here to offer a renewed partnership with America to work together to strengthen the bonds of friendship and commerce between all of the nations of the Indo Pacific and together to promote our prosperity and security APEC https t co gNYbSCYB The United States is prepared to work with each of the leaders in this room today to achieve mutually beneficial commerce that is in the interests of both your countries and mine That is the message I am here to deliver today APEC https t co CMHqtA The United States has been reminded time and again in recent years that economic security is not merely RELATED to national security economic security IS national security It is vital to our national strength APEC https t co gKQUhitX

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