Armistice Day

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Cromer Armistice Day Silent Tribute | Norfolk Gem Magazine

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Armistice Day

Armistice Day is memorated every year on November to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at pi gne France for the cessation of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I which took effect at eleven o clock in the morning the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of Armistice Day was primarily a day set aside to honor veterans of World War I but in after World War II had required the greatest mobilization of sol rs Define Armistice Day Armistice Day synonyms Armistice Day pronunciation Armistice Day translation English dictionary definition of Armistice Day n November Armistice Day held on November every year memorates the signing of the armistice between the Allies and Germany at am on November the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month Define Armistice Day veterans day used before the official adoption of Veterans Day in Armistice Day Armistice de la Premi re Guerre mondiale in France remembers those who d or were injured in World War I and other wars It is generally a solemn Countries around the world have been marking years since World War e the th hour of the th day of the th month of an armistice or temporary cessation of hostilities was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War then known as the Great War memorated as Armistice Day beginning the following year November th became a legal federal holiday in the United States in Millions of people have fallen silent to remember the nation s war dead as the UK marked Armistice Day Big Ben which has been silent since August while Thousands gathered for Armistice Day events around the world honoring the millions who d in World War I and those who have d in wars since

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Armistice Day

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