Delegate Definition Delegate By The Free Dictionary

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Delegate definition delegate by The Free Dictionary

Define delegate delegate synonyms delegate pronunciation delegate translation English dictionary definition of delegate n A person authorized to act as Define delegate a person acting for another such as a representative to a convention or conference delegate in a sentence To delegate is defined as to assign a task to someone else or to give authority to someone else Delegate definition a person designated to act for or represent another or others deputy representative as in a political convention See more Delegate definition A delegate is a person who is chosen to vote or make decisions on behalf of a group of Meaning pronunciation translations and examples Delegate lends an official air to passing off your work If you don t like cleaning the bathroom you can try to delegate that task to your little brother delegate meaning definition what is delegate a person chosen or elected by a group to speak vote etc for them especially at a Learn more Synonyms for delegate at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus antonyms and definitions Dictionary and Word of the Day Term Definition attrlist Optional List of attributes that apply to this delegate Multiple attributes are separated by mas You must enclose the Attribute List Delegation definition a group or body of delegates Our club sent a delegation to the rally See more

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Delegate definition delegate by The Free Dictionary

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