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Actor Kang Dong Won Rumored To Be Joining Yoo Jae Suk ...

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Kang Dong Won

Early life Gang Dong won was born January in Busan and grew up in Changwon of Gyeongsangnam do South Korea He is cm tall His father Gang Cheol woo Kenndall Valerie Nov am Kang Dong Won oppa is the BEST ACTOR I love all your movies Like movie M Violent Prosecutor Vanishing Time etc Kang Ho dong born June is a South Korean television host and edian who first became known to Koreans as one of the top Korean traditional wrestlers Jung Woo sung up to join Kang Dong won s sci fi thriller Jin Roh The Wolf Brigade by tineybeanie Actor Jung Woo sung The King has confirmed that he has received Kang Dong Won has been cast in a Hollywood movie He ll be starring in Tsunami LA a movie directed by Simon West and produced by Rich Actor Kang Dong won will star in an American disaster film said his management agency YG Entertainment in a press release this week The in film Tsunami LA Choi Min sik b first made a name for himself in theater before breaking into the film world with roles in Park Chong won s early films Kuro Arirang and the Directed by Ming liang Tsai With Kuei Mei Yang Kang sheng Lee Tien Miao Hui Chin Lin While never ending rain and a strange disease spread by cockroaches ravage Kang Byul Profile Biography Awards Picture and other info of All Korean Actors and Actresses Choi Si Won Profile Biography Awards Picture and other info of All Korean Actors and Actresses

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Gang Dong won

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