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Ming Xi

Ming Xi simplified Chinese traditional Chinese Birth Name Xi Mengyao is a Chinese fashion model born on March in Shanghai China Her professional modeling career started in after she attended a TV petition m Followers Following Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Ming Xi mingxi k Followers Following Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Ming Xi mingxi Elite Modellook finalist Given name Xi Mengyao Walked exclusively for Givenchy Haute Couture January in March walked for Givenchy Ming Xi was born in Shanghai and stu d acting and fashion design at Shanghai Donghua University graduating in Her modeling career took off after being nominated as one of the finalists for Elite Model Look eventually launching her into stardom as one of the world s top supermodels Model Ming Xi fell flat on the runway at the Victoria s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai see how she recovered with help from a fellow model Ming Xi model An Asian invasion For an up and ing model in this day and age being discovered by Tisci is the equivalent of winning the lottery but Ming modestly responds to questions about her apparent hold on the god of Givenchy Model Ming Xi took a tumble on the catwalk during the Victoria s Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai China It seems as though the Chinese fashion model got tangled in her flowing sheer ensemble However the year old model handled the whole situation like a pro Ming Xi momentarily lost posure as she suffered an epic tumble at the nd annual Victoria s Secret Fashion Show show which was held at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Ming Xi might be a modeling veteran but she took a fall on the epic VS Show runway on Monday afternoon in Shanghai China See what really happened here

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Ming Xi

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