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YOSHIKI As A LINE Stamp. English Version In The Works ...

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Yoshiki ficial Website Yoshiki is a songwriter drummer and a classically trained pianist Yoshiki Hayashi Hayashi Yoshiki born November known by the mononym Yoshiki is a Japanese musician songwriter poser and record producer I guess I ate too many snacks at the TV show tweets photos videos K followers What an honor coachella consequence I m working hard for full recovery to play drums with XJapan at k Followers Following Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Yoshiki yoshikiofficial Yoshiki Soundtrack Repo The Genetic Opera Yoshiki was born on November in Chiba Japan yoshiki yoshiki instagram yoshikiofficial yoshikiofficial Yoshiki ficial yoshiki net xjapan

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2017 04 07 Yoshiki×gackt コラボレーション

歌手のgacktさんがxjapan yoshikiさんとの友情について語りました! その熱い内容にファンの胸があつくなっています!

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