Zhou Youguang

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OTHERWISE: Zhou Youguang, Who Made Writing Chinese As ...

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Zhou Youguang

Zhou Youguang Chinese pinyin Zh u Y ugu ng January January was a Chinese economist banker linguist sinologist Zhou Youguang is the subject of a Google Doodle for his work in linguistics Learn more about his biography Described as the father of Pinyin or Chinese phonetic language Google honours the linguist Zhou Youguang Zhou Youguang known as the father of Pinyin for creating the system of Romanized Chinese writing that has be e the international standard since its The man responsible for developing the phonetic translations of Chinese characters is being celebrated this week by Google with a doodle Zhou Youguang would be Known as the Father of Pinyin Youguang spent three years developing the system of spelled sounds that is now the international standard for Romanised Chinese ZHOU Youguang developed a Romanized linguistic system for Mandarin Chinese that was adopted as the official language of the People s Republic of China in Zhou Youguang sits at home in Beijing in Born when a Qing dynasty emperor was on the throne he went on to help invent the Pinyin writing system

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