A Brief History Of Spain

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A brief history of spain

In Spain learning was preserved in the monasteries In the th century Saint Isidore of Seville lived in Spain He was a brilliant scholar He wrote many books including works on history theology grammar geography and astronomy e of the characteristic features of the early history of Spain is the succesive waves of different peoples who spread all over the Peninsula A BRIEF HISTORY OF SPAIN Most of the Iberian peninsula has been populated since prehistoric times Early evidence of human habitation General information about Spain giving the socio political and economic background to the current religious scene especially from an evangelical point of view Spain has a rich and very proud history a history that according to experts dates back to the hominids a pre historic people who are thought to have populated the Iberian Peninsula some million years ago This long and storied history can best be explained and described in terms of specific time periods or eras official and unofficial beginning with pre Roman times and continuing into the new Democratic Spain we know today Spain has left a lasting mark on world history from the kingdom s origins during the Christian conquest of the Iberian Peninsula in the late me val period through its days as a global empire under Charles V and Philip II and right up to the modern day Presently Spain is a democratic state with a Prime Minister serving as head of state All that remains of the Spanish Kingdom is a figurehead monarch Felipe VI A REALLY Brief History of Spain Geography Note the geographic boundaries East Mediterranean Sea West Portugal South Africa

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A Quick History Of Spain

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