Fake News Awards

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Fake News Awards

President Trump s Fake News Awards button did not work Trump tried via Twitter on Wednesday night to name the losers but technical difficulties at GOP Most of the Fake News awards are about reports that were wrong and quickly corrected President Trump made good on his promise to honor the media s most corrupt biased delivering his awards in a blog post In a tweet posted late Sunday afternoon President Donald Trump said he plans to postpone his fake awards show for fake news to Wednesday January from Monday Every awards show has its critics but President Donald Trump s much ballyhooed Fake News Awards has drawn attention from a group beyond the usual peanut The Fake News Awards were created by U S President Donald Trump to highlight the news outlets he said were responsible for misrepresenting him or producing false His efforts will culminate soon in the so called fake news awards an idea Trump first floated last November on Twitter We should have a President Trump on Sunday pushed back the date for his Fake News Awards to Jan instead of this ing Monday President Donald Trump tweeted out the winners of his Fake News Awards on Wednesday night proclaiming the FAKE NEWS winners are with a link to President Trump taunted the media Tuesday night with a mysterious announcement of the most dishonest corrupt media awards

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Trump s Fake News Awards were a huge flop The

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