Kimberly Jones Keaton S Mom Fast Facts You Need To

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Kimberly Jones, Keaton’s Mom: 5 Fast Facts You Need To ...

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Kimberly Jones Keaton s Mom Fast Facts You Need to

Since Kimberly Jones uploaded a video of her son crying and saying bullies poured milk over him and put ham in his clothes on December the clip has spread across the world Celebrities have even extended offers to Keaton and his mom to go to NFL games and movie premieres Keaton Jones mom on Today Facing the backlash Kimberly Jones the mother of year old bullied student Keaton Jones is responding to the controversy surrounding her alleged racist ments and photos with a confederate flag discovered on her now deleted page s and words posted by Tennessee student Keaton Jones mother have many people questioning whether she deserves any of the if Kimberly s posts That s exactly what Keaton Jones mother Kimberly Jones didn t do and now her past posts are ing back to bite her in her racist ass But the attention also drew public curiosity and the surfacing of the prior social media posts from Kimberly Jones Keaton s mother In addition to pictures of confederate flags the old posts crudely criticize Colin Kaepernick and others protesting police brutality against black Americans Kimberly Jones mother of Keaton Jones defended Confederate flag photos she posted online telling Good Morning America her family isn t racist Spotlight on Keaton Jones s video cast He became more and more agitated and didn t want to go back to school said Keaton s mother Kimberly Jones Keaton Jones with mom Kimberly sister Lakyn and other siblings Kimberly was accused of being a racist after photos of her and her children posing with the Confederate flag circulated on social media

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