Lee Chong Wei

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Lee Chong Wei

Lee is one of the all time outstanding badminton talents His heroics at the top of the game for many years have earned him the title Datuk and had the Malaysian Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei Cina Ringkas Cina Tradisional pinyin L z ng w i lahir pada Oktober di Bagan Serai Perak Malaysia Could fame fortune and the high expectation from BAM officials contributed to a close one eye policy as far as s misuse is concerned in this country Malaysia s most famous athlete Datuk Lee Chong Wei won his first title at the Malaysian Open in He has since then bagged the same title six times He is the main player for single match in badminton events Datuk Lee Chong Wei open many eyes to see the fang of the son of Bukit Mertajam Pulau Pinang HONG KONG AFP Former badminton world No Lee Chong Wei clinched the Hong Kong Open on Sunday by defeating Olympic champion Chen Long defying IST Lee Chong Wei wins fifth Hong Kong Open title After dominating the opening game the Malaysian ace es from behind to snatch a win from under Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei fight fiercely on the court but their off court relationship brims with mutual admiration and respect HONG KONG Former badminton world number one Lee Chong Wei clinched the Hong Kong Open Sunday by defeating Olympic champion Chen Long defying Dato Lee Chong Wei Our Malaysia national Badminton champion He is among the few well known local sportsman that has made it big in the international arena

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