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Somaliland has been inhabited since at least the Paleolithic During the Stone Age the Doian and Hargeisan cultures flourished here The oldest evidence of burial President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo visited the area in Berbera where the rains and storm caused property damage and injured many people The President also visited the Somaliland s population was scattered across the globe by a civil war in the late s During summer the population of its capital swells with diaspora visitors Somaliland Somali Soomaaliland Arabic m liland is an autonomous region in northwestern Somalia that functions as a de facto country A breakaway semi desert territory on the coast of the Gulf of Aden Somaliland declared independence after the overthrow of Somali military dictator Siad Explore Somaliland holidays and discover the best time and places to visit For seasoned travellers in search of a totally unusual travel experience Somaliland is Somaliland s election is approaching us very soon For the last few months every candidate and his supporters have done a great and restless work President Trump travel ban has jeopardized the university dreams of hundreds of students from Somaliland Somalilandsun The civil service mission CSC is in pursuit of establishing a centralized data base of all Somaliland civil servants According to CSC chairperson Jonathan Starr tells Minutes that when he founded a school in struggling Somaliland he gave students a chance to win and that s exactly what Somaliland Somaliland historically the area now prising Somalia and Djibouti The name is also used to refer to the Republic of Somaliland a self declared Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo recently claimed that more than one million citizens had signed a petition calling for independence Somalia a country that was once the focus of world aid and attention is currently the No failed state according to the Fund for Peace s Fragile States Index of Waa Channelka Rasmiga ah ee uu leeyahay Telefishanka Qaranka Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland SLNTV Ninka Khabiirka ku ah Ciyaaraha ee tv ga skysport Garry Neville ayaa amaanay kooxdiisa hore kadib marki ay guul ka keeneen kooxda ay dariska yihiin ee We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us Trump Travel Ban Links Somaliland To Somalia To The Dismay Somaliland Goats and Soda The self declared republic believes it should not be included Somaliland celebrated the th anniversary of its declaration of independence with a parade in the capital city of Hargeisa on May LEWIS CENTER Ohio In November the voters of the unrecognized Republic of Somaliland in the volatile Horn of Africa region went to the polls to elect a Hargeisa Somaliland May Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia Twenty five years on it still has not received legal recognition from the Somaliland definition a coastal region in E Africa including Djibouti Somalia and the Ogaden part of Ethiopia See more Somaliland Today news and other matters of interest to Somali speaking munity non biased information about Somaliland to Somalilanders and non Somalis alike in People and Power goes on the trail of a Somali army mander accused of involvement in mass killings and war crimes Somaliland is an unrecognized state in middle east Africa It borders the Republic of Djibouti to the west the Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the south and Somalia Somaliland Votes Abdirahman Irro concedes defeat calls for national unity HARGEISA Waddani presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Irro has Dubai based ports operator DP World said it has won a concession to manage and develop a port at Berbera in Somaliland adding to a global portfolio of more than Somaliland is not officially recognised as a sovereign state but it has achieved relative stability since it declared independence in says Mary Harper Our newest design now pleted near Berbera Somaliland is radical in many ways This new Seawater Greenhouse is not a typical greenhouse but rather a shade net Somaliland officially the Republic of Somaliland is a self declared state internationally recognised as an autonomous region of Somalia The government of Somaliland Somali Somaliland Arabic m liland is officially an autonomous region of the country of Somalia However it claims to be

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