Uterus Anatomy Diagram Body Maps

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Stomach Diagram Female - Anatomy Organ

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Uterus Anatomy Diagram Body Maps

The uterus is a female reproductive organ located between the bladder and the rectum in the pelvic area The uterus has three layers the inner lining endometrium The vagina is a part of the female reproductive system It is a muscular canal that connects the uterus to the exterior of the body During the birthing process it is The bones of the pelvis and lower back work to her to support the body s weight anchor the abdominal and hip muscles and protect the delicate vital organs of See a rich collection of stock images vectors or photos for female anatomy you can on Shutterstock Explore quality images photos art more Human Heart Diagram and Anatomy of the Heart innerbody image card The heart is a muscular organ about the size of a closed fist that The entrance to the female reproductive tract is through an opening of the vaginal canal You see the vaginal canal opens into a space called the vestibule which is In this lesson you ll learn about what ciliated epithelial tissue is and where it is located You ll also discover why it is important to our health and see diagrams Yahoo Lifestyle is your source for style beauty and wellness including health inspiring stories and the latest fashion trends Gross anatomy The adult human brain weighs on average about kg lb which is about of the total body weight with a volume of around cm Posts about Neuroanatomy basics written by hannah s So as you can see the neurotransmitters work as keys to unlock the ion channel doors on the receptors so

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Uterus Anatomy Diagram Body Maps

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